Self-Disinfecting Alcohol Gel Door Pushpads Now Supplied by Howcroft Group

By Howcroft Group Ltd
schedule5th Nov 20


In response to the ongoing challenge of improving hand hygiene, heightened by the events of the coronavirus pandemic, Howcroft Group are now supply Self-Disinfecting Alcohol Gel Door Pushpads.

Based in South Yorkshire, Howcroft Group's aim is "to be the best independent MRO supplier within our defined service area, through continued growth & providing a world class service to our customers."

Howcroft Group also offer a range of PPE products, including the likes of infrared thermometers, medical facemasks, alcohol-free wipes, latex gloves and more. Howcroft Group have recently launched a brand new hygiene product - a Self-Disinfecting Alcohol Gel Door Pushpads - by a Leeds-based company name Surfaceskins.

The Centre of Disease Control of Prevention reports that "80% of infections are transmitted by hands". Therefore, with many businesses seeing hundreds if not thousands of people pass through their doors daily, it only takes one individual who is carrying depositing germs to put the successive users in danger. In response to this ongoing challenge heightened by the coronavirus pandemic, Surfaceskins have developed Self-Disinfecting Alcohol Gel Door Pushpads.

Surfaceskins are proven to KILL E.Coli, Salmonella, S.Aureus, E.Faecalis in SECONDS over 7 days or 1000 activations (whichever occurs first), during independent In-Vitro Trials. Alternative copper, silver & plastic based products can take many hours to achieve a similar germ kill level

In between one user and next passing through the door, Surfaceskins release alcohol gel, killing germs and bacteria in the process. This support & actively promotes existing infection control practices. Surface skins report that "study shows implementation of Surfaceskins INCREASES hand hygiene compliance & awareness by 80%."

Surfaceskins doorplates were efficient at reducing surface contamination by S. aureus, E. faecalis, and E. coli. Reducing microbial contamination of frequently touched door surfaces, and so bacterial transfer via hands, could feasibly reduce the risk of healthcare-associated and other infections.” Professor Mark Wilcox, The Journal of Hospital Infection

This product has been expertly engineered to kill germs within seconds of them being deposited. It is effective against bacteria and some viruses, including coronavirus.

Another practical benefit of this product is that it is very quick and easy to install - making it appropriate for a wide range of buildings and facilities.  Alongside this, Surfaceskins these door pushpads are available for an affordable cost.

Find out more about these Self-Disinfecting Alcohol Gel Door Pushpads, and more PPE products that Howcroft Group are supplying, on their website or get in touch at [email protected] / 01709 878 282.